Friday, 3 August 2012

Playing with sounds + due credits (vol 3)

So, I have been recording my gaming sessions again. I've come a long way since my first thorough session and I have learned to control some of the recording conditions. I'm using headphones, so the mic won't catch an extra blast of speaker sound. I'm stuffing the webcam mic right under my nose so my voice won't get lost. And Youtube lets me upload long videos (I don't fully understand why - I haven't provided my phone number which seemed to be one of the conditions early on; and the note that says "yay, you can now upload longer videos" doesn't provide any further explanation.) All that means, there is less need for the heavy editing that I had to do apply at my very first attempts.

Then again, sometimes unexpected stuff happens. The other day I lost a whole "episode" because the recording hadn't kicked in like I thought it had. Oh well, ignore and move on. And then, even before that, I'd done some recording after a crashing and restarting the game. Turned out it had no audio. First I scrapped it but then felt all creative and decided to put together another musical number. Which means, that once again it is time to say: Thank you, Kevin!

And here is the result too.

P.S. This time I stayed away from the classical interpretations and explored the material by mood and feel. Still managed to get once copyright notice - but they took it back.

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