Saturday, 29 September 2012

When information stepping stones high-five

Yesterday I happened to watch this rather interesting TED-talk about defining the boundaries of "sane" and "normal" (or perception of it) - and categorizing what's "beyond normal". I immediately took a liking to the story and the questions it posed.

And then there was this Mind Hacks post showing up in their updates. I'd been glancing over the headline for a day or two until taking time to read it this morning. I felt my brain pass through this delay when I could almost heat the click-click-click! of the gears snap into the place and the Brain Maintenance Crew rejoicing in the cheer of recognition: "waiddaminnute, that's the same place, the other guy was talking about! Haha, high five!"

I so enjoy when that happens.

Bonus moment. I was trying to come up with an excuse to tie in more of my morning reading to this bundle. I couldn't. So I'll simply spam it for the sake of the great sense of camaraderie.

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