Thursday, 27 September 2012

So I have been playing ... (7). Back to New Vegas main map

I've been playing Fallout:New Vegas quite a lot lately and recorded most of it. After picking the game up after a few months of hiatus, I soon dived into the add-on scenarios and completed two of them. (Here's the post leading to Old World Blues playlist, and here's the one to Honest Hearts.)

Now, all powered up and wizened (yeah, right...) I am once again poking around at the main map, discovering places that would normally be discovered within the first few hours of play. Completing simple quests that were probably meant to encourage a novice courier to expand her reach. Finding choices hard to make and getting caught by surprise aplenty.

Here's the first episode of this round. And here's the whole playlist.

Here's the second part of that playlist, captured after a pause in recording. And here's the video that kicks it off. 

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