Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Information stepping stones (3). Doom vs innovation.

When it comes to possibly-problematic-in-a-long-term kind of phenomena and processes, there's nothing I loathe more than the foggy fearmongering, especially if built on ignorance. (Reminds me of an old forum conversation when discussing the ins and outs of climate change, I - feeling as though being on the same page with a then-friend - asked if he'd take the turn to "explain about the important role of ocean acidification". He did, blasting all those culprits left and right... - and from what he wrote it became painfully evident that with all the finger-pointing he wasn't actually familiar what the term stands for. One conversation lead to another and I soon managed to flee from the friendship that in hindsight looked more and more like a narcissist's quest to "recruit" minions and milk their admiration. But that's another story. (Which I'm obviously still bitter about :P)) Kind of like this:

The positive bit of that loathing is that it makes me appreciate well-structured, well-balanced explanations so much more. Add references to the original sources and you've got a semi-literate bugger that I am, reading with gusto.
In other words, IO9 does it again:

The same appreciate-the-well-explained-basics-principle applies to their whole "Secret History" section, especially the stories of stuff past that fulfils similar purposes as the stuff present:

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