Friday, 23 November 2012

So I have been playing ... (13). Pretty colours and metaphor power.

While busy with mostly mundane matters this week (I'm about to give a few classes in a basic home safety course tomorrow and have been sorting tinned meat and biscuits for a more vivid emergency rations workshop), I also found some moments to peek into other worlds. After reaching one of my main self-set objectives in the Zone, I dared to fire up Void for the first time. So far I'd only seen a video of others playing it, and yet it looked like it might be quite "my thing". The game's elements seem simple enough, yet they've proved rather hard to master. My first play session mostly revolved around making sense of the controls and "how the world works". Failing and starting over - over and over - I've finally started picking up the mechanics and even had some feeble success moments in harnessing it. I'd say, the greatest achievement at the moment is reaching the point where I'm able to keep playing - for the very element that makes the game go on (time passing in the Void) is also the main threat to the player.

Here is the first recorded piece of that experience. (And here is where the rest of the playlist will be.)

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