Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Building a habit ... (vol. 6)

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The other day I wrote about the concept of Morning Coffee Walk - a habit I'm trying to pick up in order to get myself going and moving before starting any other daily activities. The rules of this game are simple: get dressed (weather-appropriately), grab a mugful of hot beverage and head out; do not return until the mug is empty. 

Sometimes it's really difficult to activate my ass and get out there. (Especially if I've been up at night. Or when I'm feeling down. Or when the room is cold. Or when I'd have to go somewhere later on anyway.) Then again, each time I accomplish that I'm glad that I did and I always feel better afterwards.

Here are some highlights from today's walk. (Starring the new thermos mug.)

ED: bonus shot from a few days after. 

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