Thursday, 6 December 2012

Trees, fractals, colours & connections

Lately I have been quite engaged in the journeys and struggles inside the game called Void (as seen here and here). It is as therapeutic as it is frustrating; it is as gorgeous as it is ripe with symbolic potential. It provokes thought and triggers a tide of references and parallels in life as well as art.

Then I happened to watch these two Folding Ideas episodes today:

And my already over-titillated-with-connections mind went "Ding! Ding-Dinga-fucking-Ding!" I am not aware whether these connection points in the visuals and symbols are intentional or known from the game creators' part but they are sure there from the recipient's point of view. (Also, I have me some movies to watch now.)

And then, riding on the heavy wave of reference and connotation, I thought of yet another piece of art that (while having a strong chant/prayer/meditative quality to it already) strongly resonates with the game, this time more specifically with its ultimate goal of "breakthrough" or "crossing" that cannot be done alone. (I hope they don't take down this fan-made video any time soon.)

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