Saturday, 4 May 2013

Building a habit... (Vol. 12)

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A while ago I wrote about the concept of Morning Coffee Walk - a habit I'm trying to pick up in order to get myself going and moving before starting any other daily activities. The rules of this game are simple: get dressed (weather-appropriately), grab a mugful of hot beverage and head out; do not return until the mug is empty. 

Over the time the Drag-Your-Ass-Out-There game has morphed somewhat. With more daylight and more forgiving weather, it has become easier to just stroll out any time so the first-thing-in-the-morning part has lost its urgency. The more forgiving weather also means that oftentimes I get to exploit the back yard for the coffee-under-the-open-skies part. So, while the "game's" purpose remains, its name - technically - does not always apply. In any case, here are some highlights from today's walk.


  1. You have a big backyard :)

    The pictures you have posted of your morning walks show many different areas. Do you walk long distances or is it simply that you live in a diverse location?

  2. A little bit of both :)
    Okay, it's mostly location - once a countryside, then the brink of the growing city, even now the rural and urban elements sort of seep into each other without clear dividing lines.

    (The routes map in this post might give some idea of the area and distances involved: