Monday, 13 May 2013

So I have been playing... (19). Torment endnotes, vol 2.

My adventures in recording the steps towards Planescape: Torment endgame continue. (The post about the first session is over here; and the entire playlist is over here.)

This is the point I pick up the pace again:

This is the point where I'm shamelessly going Wheee! over some damage well-dealt.

In the brink of the actual finale, I ran into a technical problem. So far I had disabled the graphics driver to sneak by some animation glitches - and now a portal animation made the game freeze on my "ancient setting". Re-enabling the driver lets that scene play out okay - then again, on "modern setting" the characters flicker in and out of view when recorded. As soon as I figure this situation out, I'll post the finale here as well.

Here we go.

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