Sunday, 2 June 2013

Building a habit... (Vol. 14)

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A while ago I wrote about the concept of Morning Coffee Walk - a habit I'm trying to pick up in order to get myself going and moving before starting any other daily activities. The rules of this game are simple: get dressed (weather-appropriately), grab a mugful of hot beverage and head out; do not return until the mug is empty. 

Here are some highlights from today's walk.


  1. Looking at the first picture it is difficult to figure it out. Is that the head of a large bolt or is it a covering of some kind?

    You take very good pics. :) Worth watching to see what you find on your coffee walks.

  2. Thanks!
    That first pic is a closeup of a bolt (or maybe a rivet) from a bridge's railing. The bridge itself is featured in several "walk logs", starting with 7th, 13th being the latest.