Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Granny-sitting Chronicles: Week 9.

In June 2013 I moved to countryside with my elderly aunt to run a "Grannysitting Expedition". During this time I have been taken pictures more or less constantly. I'll be posting these picture chronicles one week at the time. Previous week is in this post.

The following moments are from August 17-23.

The nights were getting noticeably longer and colder but - once emerged from the chilled morning mist - the days packed quite some heat. I found that the sunshine was intense enough to warm up the bucket of water left outside - warm "shower" without having to heat the sauna (and disturb the resident frogs in the process). I quietly cursed myself for not having thought of it earlier. The backyard fire pit gave us some serious quality time.

Things started to finally settle into a certain optimum; my initial 24/7 watch gave way to a "shift" that resembled usual business hours. This allowed me to begin setting up a corner of my own, leaving behind the couch in the aunt's bedroom. The new arrangement works out surprisingly well and paves way for a new ritual - the morning medicine wake up call.

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