Thursday, 28 November 2013

Granny-sitting Chronicles: Week 14.

In June 2013 I moved to countryside with my elderly aunt to run a "Grannysitting Expedition". During this time I have been taken pictures more or less constantly. I'll be posting these picture chronicles one week at the time. Previous week is in this post.

The following moments are from September 21 -  27.

We saw this autumn's first frost that week. I started giving worrying glances towards the treetops and wondered what would provide the next action moments once the leaves ran out. Thinning, but still quite a bit left. (Whew.) On the water front, I had kept postponing the inevitable and now it became clear - my sweet outdoor dishwasher operation was no longer sustainable. Then again, the transition to stovetop hot water cauldron (plus some protective gloves in the mix) proved surprisingly painless and turned out an even better solution. A treat to celebrate - a few good sips of ginger-infused brandy. (Just for myself, no sharing.)

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