Monday, 25 November 2013

Granny-sitting Chronicles: Week 6.

In June 2013 I moved to countryside with my elderly aunt to run a "Grannysitting Expedition". During this time I have been taken pictures more or less constantly. I'll be posting these picture chronicles one week at the time. Previous week is in this post.

The following moments are from July 27- August 2.

The aunt is getting more and more engaged with the environment, showing interest in seemingly random items, exploring rooms on her own initiative. She is also "collecting tasks", and expresses strong urge to tidy up, clean, mow, weed, organize, stack, rearrange, decorate. On one hand she is quite active, more than I have had to deal with so far; on the other hand she is now better oriented and her driving forces "snap to grid" within the "sandbox farm" environment. I even dare taking an odd nap in the middle of the day, knowing she won't be escaping over younder or attempting to log the local forest with the two-man-saw once I come to it (although she has shown it to me and explained that we should maybe try to take down one of those big trees with it). When I wander into the sauna after one such nap, planning to bring some firewood, I find my work done for me already - a sizeable bundle of scrap wood we had agreed to utilize that way sits tidily in the corner.

The aunt is also starting to show some vague interest in reading, together at least. For now, the most favoured material appears to be farm animal flash cards and some children's books with thick pages and detailed illustrations.

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