Sunday, 23 February 2014

Granny-sitting Chronicles: Week 32 (Town edition)

In June 2013 I moved to countryside with my elderly aunt to run a "Grannysitting Expedition"
During this time I have been taken pictures more or less constantly. I'll be posting these picture chronicles one week at the time. In December 2013 we had to relocate to town for a while - I'll be doing my best to keep up the weekly picture chronicles. Previous week is in this post.

The following moments are from January 27 - February 2.

A most remarkable development occurred that week. A lot of my work with the auntie involves eating the proverbial red berries - and the results can vary a great deal. After I'd begun inviting her along to the shower she'd been enthusiastic to observe my endeavours close by but always refused when I'd invite her to join in. Then one morning, returning from some chores upstairs, I found her waiting to tell me something with determined look on her face, trying to hold on to an already fleeting thought. She requested that I take her along to the warm falling water and let her have some. Next time. If it wasn't too much trouble. Because "she's an elderly person and does not know these things." I cheered for the incredible coincidence that I was *just* about to go there myself, and improvised the logistics on the fly. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we've taken on the recurring quest ever since.

 (Also, winter. )

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