Sunday, 9 November 2014

So I have been playing... (37). Shadowrun Returns.

After reaching one long-plotted goal in my everything-but-the-main-misson S.T.A.L.K.E.R run, I wished to take a brief break from the Zone. Not full-on hiatus, just a breather to realign sights and clear the palate and whatnot. Circumstances just so happened to align in such a way that I had a fresh copy of Shadowrun Returns sitting around in anticipation, and a freshly sparked interest for the title.
So I went for it, deciding to capture the innocent clueless noob moments almost immediately.

A few decent-length playsessions later I found myself preparing for what I'm guessing is one campaign's endgame, and sitting aotp a buttload of footage which I'm releasing in moderation.

Here's the whole upcoming playlist. And here's the very first episode.

In fact, here are the episodes from the first playsession - all of them, because why not. 

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