Sunday, 4 January 2015

So I have been playing... (44). Growing fond of the old-school Wasteland.

Getting a whiff of Wasteland Two motivated me to make a better acquaintance with the original as well. My initial brief encounter had been a bit lukewarm. The discovery that OBS was doing an okay job of capturing it all (i.e. savouring those precious early noob moments) gave this endeavour a second wind. At first I intended to merely spend time in the game and enjoy the soundtrack... then I accidentally picked up the keyboard controls and everything just fell into place.

Here is the "proper" first episode.

There is also one episode recorded before it (a prequel!) that features a whole lot of bunny killing.

What it doesn't feature is an audible commentary (that particular experiment with a different mic was not a success). So I'm only going to share it half-way and call it a collectors' edition or something. But here is the rest of the playlist.

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