Sunday, 18 January 2015

So I have been playing... (45). More of that Zone fix.

(The upcoming big-ass collaboration-related post is still in the making; meanwhile I have accumulated a bunch of regular video-fodder to post.)
Last time we left off at the go-anywhere-but-the-way-the-main-mission-directs Stalker walk-along, I had completed one long-prepared objective: pass the one-direction Yantar complex run without the "official" psi-protection. After taking a bit of idle time and breath-catching, I'd set the next objective.

This set of episodes is all about the NPP levels - choosing the optimal gear for the trip to North; making it through the inbetween levels without too much a hassle; poking the Monolith nest while learning to identify and sneak past the storyline triggers; and of course, just generally goof off in the face of disaster.

Here's the session's first episode.

Here's another.

And here's the whole playlist (set to autoplay from this sessions third part).

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