Tuesday, 11 August 2015

So I have been playing ... (55). A burst of FTL.

Out in the country, among my many other "orbital observations" and musings, I have dedicated quite some time to push on and on in FTL (Adv.Ed). When I first tackled the game on my "Homebase Mainframe" (i.e. my regular gaming desktop), I was barely able to meaningfully interact with the ingame controls and processes, and making it through the first sector meant a great struggle. Over here, on my modest laptop, I kept playing on 'normal' setting, and slowly made some progress, learning to read the HUD, getting a grasp of skills and choices, unlocking more gameplay options, and eventually breaching the frontier of final sector. So, in one of recent town visits, I fired up my engines of my main craft, and see if I could survive a little longer on harder difficulty. I had not planned to record that, but after a rather awesome in-game occurrence (I was granted Zoltan shields as a result of multi-step random encounter) decided to capture the experience after all.
Here is the whole play-session, divided into three episodes.

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