Sunday, 27 September 2015

Early autumn image harvest.

Some random photos I've taken at the countryside in August and September.

Critter encounter, the friendly kind.

One of those shots our folks have hundreds of, yet we always snap some more.

Green on green.

The warm rays of homeworld sun.

When you gently blow on the coffee foam, the shiny oily-film-thing aligns in such a way that all bubbles shine the same colour for a bit. Try it, it's a pretty neat sight. (Also, it's not depicted here.)

Some potatoes from my garden patch.

The out-of-the-window view that I use for video bookending.

Pretty flowers.

Some shroom alignment.

Another one of those late bloomers.

Squiggly marks at the water's edge.

My attempt at an apocalyptic nature shot.

As seen from the pier, minus some water.

There be dragons.

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