Saturday, 14 May 2016

So I have been playing ... (83). Another Railroad-heavy session in Wasteland 2.

After a little marathon of Long Dark, I felt I needed a change in pace - and scenery. Therefore, back to Wasteland where I had a whole lot of unfinished railroad business.

I still hadn't gained full access to the Atchinson's side of business - and I certainly wanted to have access to all the Nomads' information before starting to meddle with their affairs. This meant I had to go against some more Rail Thieves. Skill-wise we were up to the task; tactically there were complications - uncontrollable friendly NPC shaped complications.

Naturally, resolving the encounters has its consequences, weighty ones.

After a while of running around, picking fights, I finally sent my crew into the meeting hall for the first careful conversations.

Even though I'd gotten some events in motion, I was still looking for ways to dig up the necessary intel on my own. It wasn't going so well.

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