Friday, 20 May 2016

So I have been playing ... (84). More railroading in Wasteland 2.

I started this session just prior to our unsaved grave robbery from previous session's end. I kept on double-exploring the possibly overlooked nooks and crannies and conversations in search of that elusive whatever that could tick the "solved it independently" box for the rail feud. Didn't yield anything we could use.

Eventually I went ahead with the negotiating options. It actually worked out rather well.

I kept on poking and trading around the rails for a little while longer. As it stands, we still don't quite know what's up with the dude in white suite.

In the end of this session I reached a longterm goal - they let us enter the citadel! From the NPC dialogue lines it becomes clear that we probably could have entered a lot sooner. Still, a time to rejoice (and regroup).

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