Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Co-piloting Chaos Nova (21). New grounds in Killing Floor.

Vaguely around Earth Occidental Standard Year 2014, the drift of interwebs lead my paths into collaboration course with Chaos Nova universe. I have since had the pleasure to dive into their forum-based space opera RPG, dispensing unsolicited advice about universe, life, and everything in the process. Once settled in the "writers' room" and comms all set up, I'd often join in for gameplay sessions too, sometimes just shout-along, but these days mostly active co-op. 

When we first played Killing Floor 2, I wasn't exactly enamoured with it. The interface felt all wrong, I found the weapon slot logic objectionable (still do), and they'd changed the trader (blasphemy!). The fact that it didn't run too well on my aging graphics didn't help. At the time most aspects of the game just reminded me how much I appreciate KF1. Fast forward several months (and a newer GPU), and we gave it another shot. Either because of all the updates applied in the meantime, or our adjusted expectations, the play felt better. I'm not certain if they'd done a new voiceover for Trader Mk2, or added lines, or what, but this time around she felt like a defined character, and that made a huge difference.

The first KF2 session was still rather jumpy, and there was a lot to get used to.

 Second session.

Third session. At this point we'd each developed some habits and preferences specific to KF2. 

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