Thursday, 29 September 2016

So I have been playing ... (95). More of Call of Pripyat.

In the beginning of this Call of Pripyat session I still erred on the side of avoid-all-things-quest-sensitive, tiptoeing around locations, averting main storyline questions and items - the usual.

I went on to pick up more random stashes, and looting the fallen after blowouts.

After another somewhat slow scenery episode, I felt I wanted to interact with the Jupiter map on a deeper level.

So I went for the Oasis.

Of course picking up more meaningful stuff means more inventory space used up, so I had to dedicate some time sorting that out.

At the end of this episode I finally pick up the stash in excavator cabin, the one I'd been evading since arriving to Jupiter. The stash contains a Veles detector. [Facepalm] I should have known it; I should have remember it. [Insert amnesia joke here.]

With my newly upgraded detection ability, it's obvious what the next objective will be.

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