Sunday, 2 October 2016

Co-piloting Chaos Nova (22). Shadowrun September shorts.

Vaguely around Earth Occidental Standard Year 2014, the drift of interwebs lead my paths into collaboration course with Chaos Nova universe. I have since had the pleasure to dive into their forum-based space opera RPG, dispensing unsolicited advice about universe, life, and everything in the process. Once settled in the "writers' room" and comms all set up, I'd often join in for gameplay sessions too, sometimes just shout-along, but these days mostly active co-op. 

After our last campaign ended with a bang, we didn't do much runnin' over summer. Now we've been activating little by little.

There's was this occasion where we test-run some semi-automated brawl mechanics with partial crew.

And then we did a short run at Mount Shasta (the first video is discussing the details and helping our GM to prepare). When doing some homework for the run, it occurred to me that the area overlaps with Fallout2 map; I suggested adapting some FO2 companion characters into local contacts - and voila, we meet versions of Sulik and Goris during the run.

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