Friday, 13 January 2017

Co-piloting Chaos Nova: storytime for Blueberry Creek, vol3

During my winterly editor-expedition to Benefleet, Knux and I picked up a distress signal from our friend, co-author, and GM - Kieyotie. In an attempt to carry the signal even farther into the interstellar vasts, we're recording ourselves reading stories and fragments from ChaosNova forums and universe. (Some of those stories are up for reading at the website, some are not.)


This is the third and last (so far) round-up of story-reading videos. First I go ahead and read another chapter from "Seeker", this time from the second half of the book that hasn't been publicly shared anywhere until now. Then I read another post from forum-roleplay-in-progress - featuring the same character introduced in "Space Junk".


Here is the playlist with all the storytime-related clips (announcements as well as readings as well as goofy stuff). Stay tuned for more videos and check out the Blueberry Creek Recovery gofundme page!

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