Monday, 3 September 2018

So I have been playing ... (133). Farther into Stasis.

I shall exploit the header space to boost the signal of our GM's Gofundme campaign:


After a good night's sleep I continued pretty much where I'd left off. The mortuary and furnace sequence rather intuitive after all, I just think that the cutscene-input transfer initially glitched out on me. Maybe. (Maybe I just missed the time window for hitting the exit.) This was also the first time I witnessed the protagonist running. By accident, at this point.)

With the tram moving, there's really just one way things can lead to - a crash. And just like that, we've entered the intermediate play-zone. It becomes increasingly apparent that we're not alone on the level.

This area brings a lot of classical elements to the table: cross-referential terminal & PDA entries, multi-step, multi-level obstacles, sealed off security stations, environmental clues.

Sewer level! With life forms!

Here is the whole playlist.

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