Sunday, 15 July 2012

Kindered Spirits and Related Terms (1)

As I've noticed before, googling yourself (or your aliases, or your oh-so-original ideas... well, you get the point) often leads to curious findings of cool terms and exciting stuff other people do. I've described these humbling/enlightening discoveries here, here, and there are some more future references parked in my bookmarks, waiting.

Yesterday I happened to find Karla's works this way (still digging in). Our focus areas may be a little different, but there are some wonderful overlaps too, especially when it comes to learning from mistakes and TED-talks (see? and: see? :))

In this post she unravels another TED-talk about mistakes and problem-solving. I know have not referenced that talk myself, but the keywords immediately struck me as familiar. ... Aaaand a quick Youtube detour later: found the video itself and saw that I've 'liked' it at some point. [utterly giddy-extatic expressions go here] Here's the video itself, and my high-five to Karla!

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