Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sign me up: the fourth and fifth class

The somewhat-standard-by-now intro saying that I've been taking the Google' Power Searching course and  trying to record my thoughts while doing so. This is the previous post from this series. And here are the current random thoughts.

Random thought #1. "Come again? You drag-drop an actual image into the search and look for what's similar? Whoa, shit gets interesting!" Yeah. I didn't know that. 

Random thought#2. "Ahh, these date-specific results won't show up unless I pick the specific medium. I would have totally missed that on my own." 

Random thought#3. "Translation activity, lessee... "Please find the answer this question: Apa warna pada bendera Indonesia?" Well, it's a question alright, so the first word's probably the 'ask-word' (that's literal-translation from Estonian for whatever the official term is); Indonesia obviously stands for Indonesia; and "bendera" - that's your typical Indo-European-ish for "flag"." In other words - I totally cheated : I bypassed the search tools that I was supposed to be practicing and just guessed the question instead, then checked out Indonesian flag from Wikipedia. 

But here's my own little quiz thingie (just came up with it all by myself). Here are three flags. (Thank you, One of them is the answer to Google's activity, one of them is of my home town and one of them is another country. So, guess and stuff. (Or don't.) 


  1. I'm also doing the course, obviously a later one. And your blog turns up when I tried to search the original question and ask for results in English to see what would happen. This probably says something interesting about how the internet and searches work,very meta.

    ETA you make it incredibly hard to comment, with limits on ID and a captcha as well. I had to try 3 different captchas just to find one I could work out.

  2. I noticed the view counter on this post going triple digits overnight with the search phrase displayed as the primary traffic source, so I checked if the search course was on again. Have been pondering over the whole meta-occurrence (and the branching learning experience involved) too.

    You have just made the very first comment here, ever. Thanks :)

    I had no idea about the commenting difficulties - haven't had the occasion to learn about that whole aspect of the Blogger environment yet. Thanks for the warning; I'll see if I can do something about it.