Monday, 3 March 2014

So I have been playing ... a lot apparently! (Playlist roundup)

It turns out that over the last one-and-half-or-so years I've been able to generate a whole buttload of gameplay videos. Here's a roundup of all the playlists so far - somewhat chronological, different lists of the same game bundled together. 

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl (with Oblivion Lost + Arsenal RC1)

The very beginning. Including babysteps in managing the recording tools - especially learning how to do decent audio. Have not established yet where exactly I would want to go with this.

Second round of Stalker. More confident and with clearer direction; I have more or less found the ways to structure my journeys.

And third round of Stalker. Latest so far. I still manage to fuck up the audio from time to time but mostly I'm happy with the results myself. (I'm planning to record some more when there's a longer pause in Lost Alpha testing.)

Fallout New Vegas (including all DLC; unmodded). 

The first batch is basically some moseying around in main map while deliberately keeping clear of the main storyline. When I decided I'd like to record this, I'd already spent a lot of time playing. In addition to the smaller topical playlists below, I made a big list to include them all.

Second batch takes place in Big MT and covers the Old World Blues scenario.

Third batch takes place in Zion and covers the Honest Hearts scenario.

Fourth batch returns to main map again. I begin exploring the somewhat-storyline-related places and, for the first time, make my way into New Vegas itself. 

Fifth batch takes place in Sierra Madre casino and covers the Dead Money scenario.

Sixth batch takes place in the Divide and covers the Lonesome Road scenario.

Seventh batch returns to the main map once again. After the prolonged romance to the Mojave Wasteland, I finally complete the main storyline.

The Void (Turgor) 

The I-play-therefore-I-learn process at its finest. Starting in an unfamiliar world and trying to figure out how to keep going. Gameplay still ongoing.

Planescape: Torment (just the end-wards part) 

Another example of clueless-to-competent process. Except I never recorded the clueless beginnings. Also a personal journey of learning to not hate a genre.

Portal 2 

Decided to record because of the high doses of figuring-shit-out in that world. Have not decided whether I want to record some more of it it or not. I might.


Another very passionate journey. The point where you start talking back to the ingame characters to the point of yelling at them is always a good indicator that a game has got you and you've become *involved*.

Waking Mars 

Exploration! Science! Ecosystems! Ignorance! Again, a great example of learning process in gaming - you start interacting with bits and pieces and eventually have to influence a whole interconnected system. 

Fallout 1

Just can't stay away from the Wasteland. As I've played it through once before, perhaps not a prime example of the clueless-to-competent. It's more about just sharing my take on the world. Gameplay still ongoing.

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