Wednesday, 22 October 2014

So I have been playing... (35). DeusEx continues.

A little while ago I advanced further in my DeusEx play. (Starting off the parts of the game I have never encountered before, so from this point on the playthrough is completely blind.) Then forgot to post an update about it - until now.

When preparing the new video harvest for sharing, I unexpectedly ran into a no-longer-uploads-allowed situation. No idea what triggered it - just a week prior I had been uploading 20+ minute Machinarium footage with no issues; I also checked my account's status, and even though the over-zealous new content ID thingie had produced a bunch of copyright notices (some of them from known copyright trolls, once already disputed and removed, I might add), the account's reportedly in good standing.

In any case, while I sort this out - without actually flaunting my phone number around, which all service providers now seem so keen to obtain -, I'm working around the situation simply by doing my uploads in 15-minute segments. (I did try to keep the episodes themselves shorter but that didn't work so well.)

So, speaking of new DeusEx session, here are all the parts of first episode.

And here is the rest of the playlist so far.

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