Wednesday, 21 January 2015

From Zone, with fanfiction

This post's primary objective is to spread word on a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fanfiction novel Snork Bait. Here's a bunch of secondary objectives: to toot my own horn, namely, my involvement in the book's editing-developing process; display a series of drawings made in response to the story updates in the forums back in the day (again, by me-me-me!); and last but not least, add to the channels to access the book itself. 

Here's a pretty picture to start things off. And a brief video. The bulkier stuff comes after the jump.

I am going to try to embed the PFD itself right in here for convenient access and such; here is also the view/download link.

On to the pictures, or the "visual feedback" to the story as it originally unfolded in the GSC GSC forum thread. Some of these sketches are also included in the PDF itself, some are not.

First a disclaimer. As anyone with a professional eye can immediately see - I am not an artist (as in: I am not capable, nor desire to regularly produce visual content, hence don't have that much practice, hence don't develop any real skill).
And another thing: I'm including a bit of context explaining at each image, and some of it might veer into spoiler territory (in regard to the novel, I mean). In my intensive exposure to this material have lost all ability to calibrate or even guess what might count as spoiler and what might not. ... So beware and such.

The moment: Taylor and aid make their glorious entry to the Zone by tumbling down a treacherous slope. Complications ensue. This scene happens in chapter five (image appears in the book).

The moment: Wolf gives a pre-raid briefing and has his patience sorely tested. This scene happens in chapter thirteen.

The moment: Rookie Village group moves towards Autopark and takes a brief pause near the construction wagon. This scene does not appear in the final book; it used to be part of the arc that is now chapter fourteen.

The moment: Wolf and Olga share a difficult moment as she is tending the wounded. This scene happens in chapter fifteen (image appears in the book).

The moment: Taylor hauls some gear to Autopark, and Zone wildlife observes. This scene happens in chapter nineteen (image appears in the book).

The moment: Duty is about to engage in a friendly conversation with Taylor. This scene happens in chapter twenty (image appears in the book).

The moment: A dude named Anatoly delivers a bucket of crap to an anomaly. Proper deleted scene! The scene (and related arc) took place around the time of chapter twenty four or -five in the final book.

The moment: Taylor escapes some mutants and retreats to a factory roof. Some snorks catch up. This scene happens in chapter thirty three (image appears in the book).

The moment: unconscious Taylor hallucinates of his former acquaintance Nicola. This scene happens in chapter thirty six.

The moment: sweaty Duty soldiers have searched the factory, and are in an amiable mood. This scene happens in chapter thirty seven.

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