Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Countryside logs #6

[semi-standard copy-paste intro]
In early April I set out to the country with a budget for four-or-so months and a plan to get some creative work done. My works and musings are getting captured in random little video bits every now and then. I am posting these videos and occasional other tidbits in roughly week-size chunks.

I chase around a bunch of insects. (Our local wildlife is mostly of the non-hazardous variety.) Bonus fungus in the end.

I wash some socks in a bucket, solving the ancient "where have all the t-shirts gone" mystery in the process.

I do a bunch of little tasks and stare out of window, trying to build up the creative juices.

A squirrel tries to pull a heist in jay's nest. Chased by the birds, the perpetrator avoids plummeting from the skies and escapes.

I go to great lengths to plant a small quantity of potatoes.

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