Sunday, 7 June 2015

So I have been playing... (50). From Nox, with nostalgia.

I had been hatching the idea to record some good old Nox for quite a while. The urge grew even stronger once I'd determined it runs really well on my "orbital" laptop. Receiving a gamer-tag challenge from Matthegeek was the final straw and the perfect excuse I had been looking for.

This is my entry to the gamer-tag process (you pick a game from your gamer-salad-days that was either a favourite, a formative experience, or otherwise important; choose a spot or a sequence or a level; record your bit, and "tag" a next person to repeat the process with their chosen game).

Here is the playlist with the consecutive "tag!" entries so far.

But doing just one episode was not enough for me. I wanted to capture my journey up until the tag-episode, and keep going after.

Here is the first episode of this run.

Here are a few more.

And here is the whole Nox nostalgia playlist.

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