Sunday, 11 March 2018

So I have been playing ... (121). Wasteland 2 and the treasure of Sierra Madre.

I shall exploit the header space to boost the signal of our GM's Gofundme campaign:


Last time we entered Damonta and got our asses handed to us by angry robots. (Then we hacked them and they handed the asses of their brethren to them.) We started to address the situation at the hangar (at some point we couldn't afford not to, because as long as the hangar was active, some murder robots would randomly roll out and attack the civilians when we weren't around).

I ended the last post when we were still having trouble thwarting the hangar robots and hadn't quite figured out how to rescue Binh from the claws of Tinker (not to confuse with one of my player-characters, TinkerING). This time time I notice that one computer in the hangar governs the wireless link between other systems. After taking that out, the rest is pretty much cakewalk.

Every time I get comfy with a given party roster and tell myself "hm, this seems to work quite well; I say, next time we run into a potential follower, we just carry on and send them straight to the Citadel," we run into a new potential follower. And every time I change my mind, if only for  a short while.

It took me a while to realize that the plane we are looking for might actually be outside the Damonta map. (Concurs with the realization that Damonta is only one part of the larger plane graveyard area.)

Unsure how to open the loot hatch and uncorc the treasure of Sierra Madre, we do what we usually do on such occasion: meander around, loiter on the main map, look for trouble. In the process, we came across some untouched troves. Some of those had pants in them.

I was overthinking the challenge. There was a screwdriver in the other room. Gold. Yay. (I hope maybe it's actually useful for something. After all, we dragged our share all the way to the Citadel.)

There will still be more episodes to come; meanwhile, the whole playlist is over here.

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