Monday, 12 March 2018

So I have been playing ... (122). Lost Alpha - beta going DC.

I shall exploit the header space to boost the signal of our GM's Gofundme campaign:


Last time I made the break into Darkscape and dodged them choppers without a car.

This time I meander my way into the mines (with some mutant obstacles on the way; I also speculate whether the map has received a further redesigns since before the initial rushed release).
Then, moment of truth: have I managed to break the game with my non-standard Dark valley actions? I hand Veles the documents I already have and... the game continues! (With this kind of play there will be an issue acquiring the X18 code, because as-is the related message only triggers as Borov drops dead AFTER you've talked to Veles, but the rest of the triggers and elements align just fine. I wrote a report on the matter, and I personally would suggest solving it by adding a 2nd message from Veles ("are you there yet? Remember the code is...") that triggers when you've fulfilled the other pre-conditions and are approaching the lab. But it's such a fringe matter that probably won't make into the priority fix list any time soon.)

After Darkscape mines business I traverse to Cordon where I continue keeping an eye on some NPC movement paths which I won't share.
Then I decide to do Sid's night mission and capture my attempts at stealthy infiltration. (The task that I hilariously misunderstood and failed in my very first ShoC playthrough back in the day.)

I very briefly swing by Yantar where I get (accidentally!) knocked into the Twilight Zone. (I was initially recording the Yantar entry because I meant to explore how much you can get away with before even talking to Barkeep. Yantar proved uneventful and I think in the upcoming run I skipped that choice.)


At this point, the Christmas Day release of Developer's Cut happens.
I was already running a new game with that build, so I keep going with that, and record some bits on the way. (Especially, I try to capture the situations that I've done differently compared to the test-run episodes.)

First, a bit of a revisit: I do the Depot fight, this time, no exploits barred.

I also return to the point of before-running-to-Darkscape and this time rain down the Full Rambo on the raiding military.

I'll only  be sharing these videos in small handfuls at the time, so here is the whole playlist.

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