Thursday, 2 August 2018

So I have been playing ... (131). Lost Alpha DC - 1.4007 begins.

I shall exploit the header space to boost the signal of our GM's Gofundme campaign:


As I'm posting this, we're standing by for the next DC 1.4007 build to test. (No, I don't now when the proper release of 1.4007 shall be because there is no set date, and to my best understanding, the dev-consensus is to go with "it's ready when it's ready". And I personally would caution against the "they are talking about it therefore it must be soon" wishful thinking I see spreading here and there. I mean, come on - there are new mechanics and new areas that we're only beginning to test, and  that's not even accounting for the re-iterations upon re-iterations when the scope of fixes requires a new game... Sorry, my observations veer into rant territory, I'll zip it.)
Anyhoo. Last time I posted my 1.4005 leftover footage and now it's time for new build (and by default, a new game - yay)!

One mechanic that I'm personally very fond of is the anomaly-meets-meat-produces-artifacts thing. Combined with the new (optional) Free Alife feature it adds a whole new layer of economic thinking and Zone-interaction. Zombies, meet Fruit Punch!

Here I'm sharing some more Free Alife observations, this time from Agroprom. Because Agroprom is the first mental checkpoint in the New Build - New Game cycle (I've even developed a special paranoia towards what I call "The Agroprom Curse"), the new AI patterns and the added unpredictability was especially noticeable (and welcome!) here.

Some more of the "mutants + anomaly = profit" scheme. Featuring the Nekkid Burer.

Regardless of the build or the play/test purpose, I'm collecting all episodes to one big playlist.

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