Friday, 26 October 2012

So I have been playing ... (11). The courier's journey.

In my long and passionate stay in the Mojave Wasteland I've taken on a habit of recording what happens during the add-on scenarios. There are the stories (my stories) of  Old World Blues and the Honest Hearts and not too long ago I added Dead Money to that list. Once the game had been going on for a while, the add-ons became the means to further postpone advancing in the main quest (in fact, dealing with the main quest in the first place). With Lonesome Road scenario that logic got reversed: I had decided to leave it as "dessert" after I'd taken some time to delve into the main storyline.

Finally that time came and after reaching a few mental checkpoints I'd set myself, I was ready for it.
Here's the prologue-ish bit before actually entering the scenario that reflects on the whole game so far:

The rest of the playlist will be here. And this is this is where the scenario kicks off: 

ED: Here's the ending as well. 

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