Sunday, 15 December 2013

Granny-sitting Chronicles: Week 24 - and a weekend

In June 2013 I moved to countryside with my elderly aunt to run a "Grannysitting Expedition". During this time I have been taken pictures more or less constantly. I'll be posting these picture chronicles one week at the time. Previous week is in this post.

The following moments are from November 30 - December 6, and December 7 - 8.

That week we saw the first proper cold this year - strong enough to paint all windows with frost. It made the most magnificent morning air - I celebrated the occasion with a tiny morning-coffee-stroll. Also in the week's weather menu: waves of snowfall (to auntie's great delight), followed by a warmer air mass gradually turning the skyward waters liquid again.

We were quite active indoors overall - the aunt showing more and more confidence in her firebuilding, also rearranging various household tidbits to her tastes (and me sneakily snapping pictures of it all). One day she took the whole breakfast initiative to a new level. Towards wintertime we had developed the routine where she actively took part in breakfast making (described here in week 21 post). On Tuesdays and Thursdays there was another variable at play: the grocer's bus (lavka) would arrive at ten and we'd be preparing ourselves some good twenty minutes before. One such day, going to snooze some after the medicine time, I dozed off and awoke just barely for the lavka-time, stirring up the routines quite a bit. The next day auntie gulped down her medicine and cheerfully led the troops to kitchen for the coffe-tin fetch-quest, announcing that "Make Breakfast Together" was effective immediately.

At this point many active-meaningful routines had settled and sorted, each day following a similar overall structure. On the foundation of that structure, however, all sorts of little variations and exploratory moments were spontaneously popping up. All processes seemed to be running so well-oiled and optimal you'd never suspect a very different plan was already in effect. We'd gathered the "project council" a while ago and after some intense brainwork reached to a tough decision. Since the whole "Relatives+" situation would require designated time and proper channels to resolve, and since my mission-critical mental capacities had already been eroded away in its exposure, we decided to separate the matter of "location detox" from the matter of "mission integrity". For two weeks now I had been busy with some serious guerrilla packing. Late that weekend we evacuated.

Adventures in Grannisitting go on in "town base" for now. I'll do my best to keep up posting the weekly moments. Stay tuned!

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