Friday, 14 March 2014

So I have been playing ... (27) Old flames and pretty colours

Grannysitting by day, playtesting by night, fretting over geopolitical rape culture non-stop all the time, I have still somehow managed to sneak in some playsession recording... sessions. (Whether I record or not, I usually play in very long sessions - and when I am recording, that means I could easily be popping out several-to-dozen episodes in one breath. At the same time I've now learned the art of delayed sharing - upload it all in one breath too, then release singe episodes at somewhat regular intervals.)

So here I am, returning to the universes left on standby:

old-school Fallout ... 

... and Void/ Turgor.

The whole playlists-from-start (embedded!) for both are featured in this post. By now I'm also running out of pre-recorded, pre-uploaded episodes for both, so there might be another update somewhat soon.

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